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5 Creative Ways to Use Star Map Lights: Décor & Beyond
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5 Creative Ways to Use Star Map Lights: Décor & Beyond

Whether your home has a crisp monochrome scheme or a bold, contemporary design, the right lighting can play a major part in the aesthetic of the space. While there are plenty of options available, from chandeliers to floor lamps, you can also consider small, unique options to add some personality or even a whimsical touch   like custom star map lights.

Reflecting the alignment of the stars on your chosen date and location, these immortalize the significant moments in your life, like the day you said “I do” or when your first child was born. With their intricate designs and celestial patterns, they can be an interesting conversation piece and even a functional element in your home. Mountain Born lists down a few ways you can use them. 

Décor for Children’s Rooms

star map lights for children's room

Designing your kids’ space can be a tricky task, especially as children are quick to outgrow their favorite colors or cartoon characters. Hence, it is important to add a few personalized touches that can match any theme, such as star map lights. These come in different shapes and designs, like the
Heart & Circle Constellation Star Map Night Light, so you can choose whichever suits the room best. They can serve as a focal point against a neutral backdrop, or complement the existing décor. You can even consider them for a nursery as they cast a soft, ambient light (since harsh light can overstimulate a baby’s sensitive eyes).  

Night Light for Bedrooms or Hallways

Apart from enhancing the overall ambiance of a space, a star map light can also serve practical purposes. As it is not overly bright, it provides just enough illumination for the night. It can be used as a bedside table light if you want to read. The dim, gentle glow of the twinkling stars can also serve as a sleeping aid for you as well as your children (especially if they tend to be afraid of the dark). Moreover, you can place it in the hallway or other shared spaces as a night light as well. 

Learning Aid for Children 

star map lights for anniversary gift

Besides having twinkling dots in your kids’ room, you can also use star map lights as an educational tool to teach the basics of astronomy. They can work as a visual guide for introducing the concepts of stars, planets and galaxies to your children. Since young kids are generally inquisitive by nature, this is a creative way to nurture that curiosity, especially since it will inspire them to think about the what, why and how of everything. Not only will this help them develop an interest in science, but it can also build a strong foundation for future learning in other fields, like math and technology. In addition, this activity can encourage creativity as well because it prompts them to imagine and explore ideas beyond what they can actually see. If nothing else, it will at least get your kids outside, to look at the night sky.

Mood Lighting for Yoga or Meditation 

If you are practicing your headstands at home, you need to do more than just roll out the yoga mat. To replicate the yoga studio experience in your own space, focus on soothing music, earthy scents, and, of course, soft lighting. Unlike fluorescent lights, warm lights do not interfere with the tranquil environment you are creating, and can even facilitate introspection and inward focus. Smaller and more concentrated lights — like star map lights — are even less distracting than ceiling lights, so they are great for creating a serene and, as a result, productive atmosphere.

Décor for Outdoor Spaces 

custom star map lights for couples

Whether you have ample backyard space or just a patio, it can be transformed into a welcoming place to host small gatherings, dine alfresco, or simply unwind. In addition to furniture and décor, small accents can also make the place look pulled together — like, of course, personalized star map lights. Use it as a centerpiece, or direct their focus against plants or walls to create atmospheric shadows. After all, it is only fitting that you sit under the open sky while basking in the glow of star map lights. 

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